Join us December 14 for our 614 the Kids Benefit Concert at the Lincoln Theater.

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At 27-years-old, Angela Perley’s nostalgic and high-energy music tells stories of love, death, railroads, and everything in-between. Her songs are rooted in small town Ohio where she spent much of her childhood wandering in her family’s cornfields, enveloped in her own world of dreams and imagination. She wrote numerous plays and poetry and would often perform her works to her family and friends. Countless hours were later spent listening to Patsy Cline, The Carter Family, Loretta Lynn, Bob Dylan, Wanda Jackson, and Billy Holiday while she grew fond of writers and poets like John Yeats, Mark Twain, and Sylvia Plath. “My songs are very visual to me and I often think of them as little motion pictures. I get a lot of my inspiration from old movies because there are so many epic tales of lost love.” Perley paints portraits of towns, landscapes, and people with her unique lyrics and phrasing and does so with a soul and vision that is well beyond her years. As Jackie Mantey of the Columbus Alive states, “Hearing [Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons’] songs is like being transported to a forgotten time, when breaking bread together was a religion and kisses were best stolen by the railroad tracks.” The moon is another one of Perley’s many muses, and has been a recurring thread in her songwriting. Perley’s lifelong romance with the moon began with her being born on a full moon and always feeling connected to it and its various phases with many of her life-changing events falling on a full moon. A fortune-teller once revealed that her ruler card was “The Moon” and she was “The Magician.” Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons formed in Columbus, Ohio in 2009. The band is comprised of two longtime friends, Billy Zehnal (bass) and Chris Connor (lead guitar), and Perley’s high-school classmate Steve Rupp (drums). Connor and Zehnal were first introduced to Perley through Fred Blitzer (Vital Music USA) who had discovered her music from some homemade demos a friend had passed onto him. Connor, who was unaware that Rupp and Perley had attended the same high school, later introduced Rupp to the band. Since their incarnation, The Howlin’ Moons have become an extension of Perley’s songwriting and the band’s sound has been gradually evolving. In the last three years, the band has released four EPs, Black Cat (2010), Yellow Moon (2011), Fireside (2011) and Nowhere is Now Here (December 2012). Nowhere is Now Here is by far the most rocking EP in the collection through its well-balanced sound of aggression and intimacy. Before you know it, you’ll be crumpling up a letter from your ex-lover in “Brooklyn Girls,” threatening that cheating man in “18 Feet Under” or even experiencing your first love at the “County Fair.” Don’t be fooled by Angela’s charm, though. This young woman will make you fall in love while she sings of love, heartbreak, and even murder.

Formed in 2012 EOP is constantly evolving as a musical amoeba. The unique personalities of the players elevate your consciousness through the undeniable groove. Horn centered with elements of soul, hip hop, funk, jazz, and rock this collective is not about one specific genre as it is about experimenting with all sounds that make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. EOP is a stimulating experience that draws your body in, keeps your mind guessing, and leaves your senses on the floor. Empower yourself, come along for the ride, EOP believes it’s your time to Shine.

“Light shining into a prism and refracting in unexpected directions is a glorious sight to behold. Sonically, Forest & the Evergreens is that sort of prism — one of the brightest and most colorful in town…” – Chris Deville, Columbus Alive.

Formed in October of 2011, Forest & the Evergreens blend neo-soul, R&B, and ‘young funk’, to create a sound that doesn’t “strictly adhere to the genre, but doesn’t exactly fit in anywhere else either…It’s evolution, baby!”

Since that time, they’ve rocked crowds big and small, from tiny gallery spaces to a sold-out crowd at Columbus’ LC Pavilion. They were recently named a “Band to Watch: 2013” by Columbus Alive Magazine.

The band consists of Parker Muntz (vocals, guitar), Terrance Farmer (keys, saxophone, vocals), Mickey Drury (guitar), Andrew Balazs (bass), Adam Bidwell (trumpet), and Mike Twice (drums).

The bands only release came as a 3-song demo in April of 2012 titled, “the Tone Shoppe EP”. The band is currently finishing production on there debut EP, working with Jerry Depizzo of O.A.R. and Mike Landolt (Maroon 5, O.A.R.).

LVX is a Columbus, Ohio indie rock outfit with substantial local buzz. The name, LVX, is pronounced LUX, which is latin for the measurement of light. Singer and guitarist Jesse Johnson’s honest vocals provide the bright melodies that navigate through backgrounds of Coldplay-esque guitar riffs and calculated, marching rhythms to channel a collective energy toward their audiences. LVX are the guys you meet and instantly find yourself rooting for, even if you’ve somehow managed to slip through the cracks and haven’t heard their music –And if you have heard it, then there’s no reason for me to keep writing. It’s like they say: Your ears don’t lie.

“As forerunners of the midwest “garage soul” movement, Jared Mahone and his band fill out singer/songwriter tunes with the throwback sound of a powerhouse band full of ankle deep pocket players. Bill Withers/Marc Brussard/Allen Stone

In the wake of his 2010 song-a-week creative writing experiment called The Mixtape Project, Jared Mahone found himself with a catalog of songs broad enough for a handful of albums. Because the project was crowd-focused and crowd-inspired, he left it up to that crowd to create their own mix tapes. Fans chose their favorites from the catalog. After compiling these lists, Jared set out to record what would become a full-length album completely dedicated to those people that influence and support what he does as an independent artist, songwriter and performer. His brand of current, soul-influenced pop melodies and sonics make up his new album appropriately entitled “Mixtape”. The record was created by an all-star team including producer Jerry DePizzo of multi-platinum recording artists O.A.R., Grammy award winning mix engineer Mike Landolt (Maroon 5), and Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brian Lucey (The Shins, The Black Keys).

Jared is one of the most booked performers in the college market with 500+ shows across the country in the last 4 years including a campus tour with 90 concerts in less than 120 days. Alone or with his band, Jared will be touring for the rest of his life, expanding his hometown crowd from Columbus, Ohio to the furthest reaches of the midwest concrete-corn and beyond.”

Led by singer-songwriter Scott Terry, Red Wanting Blue is proudly based in Columbus, Ohio, but could be America’s local band. For years, the group has gone about logging thousands of miles on the road throughout the nation’s heartland, making fans the hard way – one at a time.

With the aid of positive word of mouth and an unwavering perseverance, Red Wanting Blue has established a devoted following in and around the Midwest where the band regularly fills clubs reserved for bigger names. As Red Wanting Blue‘s touring schedule has grown to non-stop, and with an appearance on David Letterman to boot, the band is now seeing its following growing throughout the rest of the country as well. Terry‘s passionate and poetic songs, anchored by his powerful baritone, are the kinds of tunes that could only have been written by a man who has lived this kind of life on the road. Traveling with Terry are band mates Mark McCullough (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Greg Rahm (Keys, Guitars, Organ, Vocals), Eric Hall Jr. (Guitars, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals) and Dean Anshutz (Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel), who together build the unshakable rock powerhouse that supports Terry‘s big voice. Red Wanting Blue‘s latest studio recording From The Vanishing Point is the band’s coming-of-age album and is its first to be recorded for a label after several self-released records. The record debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard‘s “Heatseekers” chart, another testament to the band’s loyal fans. From The Vanishing Point, out now from Fanatic Records (EMI/Caroline), sheds some of Red Wanting Blue‘s small-town sensibilities as it evolves into the world-class rock n’ roll outfit that audiences have believed in for years and marks an official move to the national stage for a band that will always remember where it’s from.

The Regrettes are a Columbus, Ohio female-fronted soul and R&B revival band. Their stock in trade is the raw, rootsy sound of early Stax records, the pounding rhythms of Motown and the vocal delivery of luminaries like Aretha, Martha and Etta.

Singers (and tambourine Jedi masters) Mehgan Hutchinson and Lizzy Morris trade sultry harmonies on lines about love, revenge and all the complicated emotions in between. The rhythm section of drummer Adam Scoppa and bassist Dan Barnes provides a sturdy backbone for James Allison’s agile keys and Dennis Tanner’s economic guitar work.

The Regrettes are not content to jam on a spineless soul-funk groove on a Sunday afternoon in the park. Their songs are fierce, nuanced and suited for sweaty, late-night floor-filling congregations baptized by alcohol.

Growing up together in the same Cleveland, OH suburb, The Floorwalkers played little league baseball together as children. Then in high school, they began playing music together from 2000-04. Part of the band moved to Columbus, OH and released a self titled acoustic EP in ’05. As a three peice, the band travelled the midwest in support of their EP. By 2007, the whole band had relocated to Columbus.

While working on a debut full length album, they managed to garner a strong midwest following. In November 2010 they released their first full length “The Natural Road.” Since then, they have toured nationally, and remain completely independent. In a time when the music industry is reeling, The Floorwalkers have embraced the changes and built a truly grassroots following.

In 2013, The Floorwalkers plan to release their sophomore effort. The band intends to fully fund the recording and promotion of the album through crowd funding. The use of a crowd funding platform offers a unique opportunity for you, the fans, to directly support the band, and allow them to stretch their creative legs without the necessity of major investment and oversight from a record label. It’s a very positive direction for the band to be headed in.

Since 2008, The Wet Darlings have basically just done what they feel like doing, and so far it’s been working pretty well for them. They’ve released two EPs and seen some radio success in their home base of Columbus, Ohio with the single “Big Ups”. The female fronted sludge-pop four piece is currently working on their first full-length record, due out when they’re finished with it.

The Winnie Cooper Project is a folk-rap-jam cover band named for the girl next door on the late 80s/early 90s TV series The Wonder Years. Channeling a combination of irony, authentic weirdness, nostalgia, and blues guitar, the Columbus based 4 piece includes Alex Hastie (vocals, guitar, bass), Matt Crumpton (vocals, bass, keys, guitar), Robert Fulton (lead guitar, bass), and Tim Baumann (drums, keys).

On the strength of reimagined cover songs like No Diggity, Regulate, and Motownbilly (a rockabilly version of Boyz II Men’s Motownphilly), the band has been voted a top 3 cover band in Columbus for the past three years by 614 Magazine/Columbest (3rd place 2011, 2013, 2nd place 2012). The band hosted an annual fundraiser for Music Loves Ohio the last three years at Grandview’s Woodlands Tavern where local artists joined them on stage for a song, including O.A.R.’s “Triple Dip” horn section (Jerry DePizzo, Evan Oberla, Jon Lampley), Marti Dodson (Saving Jane), and numerous other talented artists.

Having been booed off the stage at a biker bar in Wapakoneta once by demands that they play Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba,” these rap jam rockers can be found nowadays inside of the 614 area code in bars where Kid Rock is not in the top 10 on the jukebox.