kkWeek 3Kara Karey in Boston

It’s getting a little harder for my roommates and I. We all had a talk about how we’re beginning to get adjusted to Boston. We talked about how we now have a system and soon we’ll have to depart and start all over again back at home. It’s hard to think about but I’m still having a great experience. It’s getting better by the day. I feel like everyday I learn something new. That makes me feel amazing. I’m realizing that being here motivates me to learn more about music. It makes me want to do better as a musician. Sometimes I’ll bother the RA’S (our floor monitors) for help with my theory homework. They’re very nice and willing to help. It’s always something new to see here. I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough. I met more new great people. I’m expecting a great week with these people and with my teachers here at Berklee. – Kara Karey

XavierXavier Rivers

After being around a lot of great young composers for 2 weeks I thought I would try composing a song or two and they turned out pretty well. Because of my jazz composition class I was able to get the fundamentals and the ideas I needed to start off right. Also thanks to the amazing learning center here at Berklee with state of the art technology and software it was so easy. I’m really proud of what I made and I will continue to write because it was fun. – Taj Jackson


Music Loves Ohio Taj Jackson

Week 2 was a success. I have been grasping every concept all of my teachers have been showing me. I’ve been able to make other trombone friends who are better than me and can teach me a thing or two as well as just chill with. I’ve been able to keep up with my big band music which has been ridiculously hard, absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever played. I’ve really just been trying to take advantage of the teachers and their wisdom because I have an audition for a scholarship for the  5 week program next year and I want to do it right. I might also compose my first jazz chart pretty soon. – Taj Jackson



This week has been a bit of a transition from a camp into what more of what I feel college will be like. Having my private lesson my teacher and I used a lot of the time discussing if he would be my teacher for school or one of the other renowned faculty. It is quite exciting. As well I have had a lot of work to do this week playing with my ensemble and preparing for things with other students. I did however get to take in the beauty of Fenway Park at a Red Sox game. – Xavier Rivers



Summer Camp Blog Post from Berklee MLO Scholarship Recipients

July 28, 2014

Music Loves Ohio granted three One Thousand Dollar scholarships to Ft. Hayes High School students to attend Berklee School of Music’s 5 Week Performance program in Boston, MA. The recipients will be sending updates throughout the Summer to keep us posted on their camp experiences. Scenery from Boston near Berklee School of Music This first […]

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Blog Post from MLO Scholarship Recipient, Taj Jackson From Berklee Summer Camp

July 20, 2014

Music Loves Ohio recently helped three students attend the 5 week music performance camp at Berklee School of Music in Boston. During the camp, the students will be sharing blog updates about what summer music camp at Berklee is really like. The first post is from Taj Jackson.  (Below the photo) I really love Berklee […]

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