Music Loves Ohio granted three One Thousand Dollar scholarships to Ft. Hayes High School students to attend Berklee School of Music’s 5 Week Performance program in Boston, MA. The recipients will be sending updates throughout the Summer to keep us posted on their camp experiences.

UnknownScenery from Boston near Berklee School of Music

This first week as been fantastic and such a whirlwind. It has been great to be able to meet such wonderful musicians. I really enjoy pushing myself and learning as much as possible in my classes with the renowned faculty. To top it all off there is never a shortage of people to play with and make music. – Xavier Rivers

Unknown-1Kara Karey at Berklee School of Music

So far everything’s going wonderful here in Boston. I love my roommates. We all get along very well. One of my roommates is from New York. She’s Dominican. My other roomate is from L.A. and she’s caucasian. At first I was a little uncomfortable being so far from home but they really gave me a lot of comfort with their great personalities. It’s so beautiful here. There’s so much to see. As for our classes, I love them. I have great teachers that are highly educated and very talented. I have 3 ensembles and they all have great musicians. I’ve always wanted to be around a big group of talented people to jam with often but could never find that group of people. Now I feel like they’re everywhere. I look forward to learning so much during these next 5 weeks. Not just from the faculty, but from peers as well. – Kara Karey




Music Loves Ohio recently helped three students attend the 5 week music performance camp at Berklee School of Music in Boston. During the camp, the students will be sharing blog updates about what summer music camp at Berklee is really like. The first post is from Taj Jackson.  (Below the photo)

Taj Jackson at Berklee

I really love Berklee so far. Just the atmosphere here is so cool and interesting because everyone else is here like me in the sense that music is our passion and we want to get as good as possible. All the musicians here make me want to be better and I have been getting better. And this opportunity to be here is such an honor and I truly appreciate all the help I was given to get here.
The performances from Berklee students and staff I’ve seen here so far have just blown me away. The level of musicianship displayed has had a crucial influence on me and how I play and how I want to play and which direction I want to go later in life as a musician.

I came to Berklee really having a small idea of what was possible for me as a jazz trombonist, I had no clue what I wanted my individual sound to be as a performer and player but now these ideas are starting to come together. The best part about all that is, I’ve only been here for 4 days of 35 so by the end of all this I’ll know exactly I want to be as a musician which is mind blowing to me to think about.

Another amazing thing is all the culture here. 1100 people from 47 states and 95 countries are all here to become the best musicians they can and each one of us bring something special to all of our music that can’t possibly be recreated anywhere else. Berklee is the best. Plain and simple.


Music Loves Ohio helps send 3 Ft. Hayes Students to Berklee Summer Camp

July 17, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that Music Loves Ohio recently granted three students from Fort Hayes High School in Columbus with scholarships of One Thousand Dollars each (for a total of $3,000) to attend the very prestigious and world renowned Berklee School of Music’s 5 week summer camp program. Stay tuned for Berklee Summer Camp […]

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Groove U Students Announce Record Label and Sign First Artist

April 28, 2014

A fun and exciting update from our friends at Groove U: This spring marks the final term for the inaugural class of students who began GROOVE U’s revolutionary music industry career program in the fall of 2012. So when it came time to select a senior “finale” project, it had to be epic. The cohort […]

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